Welcome weary web-surfer….

Who do you think you are!

We are all stardust, but specifically I’m an Irishman in London, (where is Sting when you need him).  Studied in the University of Limerick where I was involved in singing, gaming (tabletop RPG) and science fiction. Now in London, UK, I have been singing, gaming and going to the occasional Steampunk gig…. as you do.

Whats this site all about?

This site is a collection of varied ideas collected over a year or so and put into webcomic form. Each concept is scripted into 52 strips and updating weekly this would provide one year’s worth of material. Using a few of these block projects a few days a week makes for a regularly updating variety comic.

Personally I get annoyed by webcomic artists who start a few comic and once bored slow updates to a crawl until eventually it is a dusty tumbleweed blowing across the internet superhighway.

So a lone wolf right?

No, I do work with some friends on these projects to keep it fresh and to give some of the comics their individuality. They will be named in time.

Your ‘graphics’ suck, why for that?

Well, I do most of the writing and coding for the site and the images are a learning process as I am new to graphic design software. Expect it to improve.

Extras? What Extras?

Yes I expect to give non web-comic related Wikipedia and Youtube links to interesting/random topics. A lot of this will be about vocal harmony and Barbershop as it happens (seriously) but I hope to write a short comic to apply to it if I can. Joy!

Also I plan a series of strange and unusual collectors cards and decks. This may or may not be cheap filler on a particular day that I cannot give an web comic update. But only when really, really necessary…honest!

How do I get in touch?

Try the contact page, its here!